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 Want to recruit iTELLians?

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Want to recruit iTELLians? Empty
PostSubject: Want to recruit iTELLians?   Want to recruit iTELLians? Icon_minitimeTue Nov 20, 2012 10:54 am

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For organization -- be it academic, commercial, or governmental -- the conventional tests (e.g. TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge exams, etc.) may not be the best benchmark for finding the highly competent individuals. It is possible that the individuals whom you hired/trained have outstanding scores in conventional tests, yet you rarely see them producing the expected outcome that you had initially imagined, or deduced from their test scores.

All organizations wish to discover a good predictor for individual’s future performance. One such predictor may be found in this forum. How so?

First, find an iTELLian that actively and constructively uses the forum. Activity is often reflected in the number of his/her topics and posts, while constructiveness can be found in the contents of the activity. For constructiveness, one can reasonably assume, if a topic attracts a great number of replies from other iTELLians, it has a significant impact on other iTELLians' minds - either constructive or destructive. By deciphering the nature of discussion yourself, you should be able to find a key iTELLian that may play beneficial roles for the future of your organization.

Second, once you find iTELLians that you assume valuable for your organization, you can directly contact them and organize an interview.

Third, in the course of the interview, you can use one of our iTELL Sample questions to assess his/her professional English. It is your choice whether or not you will notify your candidate iTELLian about which sample test will be used for the interview. However, it is highly recommended that the recruits will play a role of class coordinator, NOT student, during the interview. You can assess their professional English skills and the potential for becoming a leader by examining how your recruits organize a discussion and address a question from the unfamiliar interviewers.

Finally - completely different approach - you can post a message or problem yourself! This way, you may find an iTELLian that deploys a mode of problem-solving skills similar to your organization. Once found, go back to the second step.

On the final note, we wish both iTELLians and recruiting organizations the best of luck and success. All iTELLians strive to be highly competent, it's up to you whether you will value these human treasure.
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Want to recruit iTELLians?
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